20th IEEE Mediterranean Eletrotechnical Conference


June 16-18, 2020, Palermo, Italy



Honorary Chair

Magdalena Salazar Palma - IEEE R8 Director

General Chairs

Guido Ala, University of Palermo
Bernardo Tellini, IEEE Italy Section Chair
Tiziana Tambosso, IEEE Italy Section Past-Chair

Steering Committee

Ermanno Cardelli, University of Perugia
Dario Petri, University of Trento
Margaretha Eriksson, Past-Director Region 8
Costas Stasopoulos, Past-Director Region 8
Antonio Luque, Director-Elect Region 8
Peter Nagy, R8 Conference Coordinator
Mike Hinchey, UK&Ireland Session Chair
Yuval Beck, Israel Section Chair
Mohamme El Mohajir, Melecon2018 General Chair
C. S. Pattichis, Melecon2016 General co-Chair
E. Kyriakides, Melecon2016 General co-Chair
Salvatore Favuzza, University of Palermo
Adriano Fagiolini, University of Palermo
Giuseppe Parise, IAS Italy Chapter Chair
Aldo Boglietti, IAS Italy Chapter
Chiara Boccaletti, IAS EXCO member

Technical Program Committee Chair

Giambattista Gruosso, Politecnico di Milano

Technical Program Committee co-Chair

Gaetano Zizzo, University of Palermo

Publication Chair

Pietro Romano, University of Palermo

Publication co-Chair

Luigi Costanzo, University of Campania

Professional Activities and Tutorial Chair

Salvatore Favuzza, University of Palermo
Vincenzo Di Dio, University of Palermo

Publicity Chair

Elisa Francomano – University of Palermo
Salvatore Favuzza, University of Palermo
Vincenzo Di Dio, University of Palermo

Special Meeting and Exhibition for “innovative start up and entrepreneurship

Vincenzo Piuri (IEEE Italy Section Entrepreneurship Coordinator)
Tiziana Tambosso (Corresponding member of IEEE Region 8 Action for Industry Sub-Committee)

Women in engineering event

Dajana Cassioli, IEEE Italy Section WIE-AG Chair

Student and Young Professional Activity

Paolo Maresca, IEEE Italy Section SAC Coordinator
Fabio Viola, University of Palermo


Sergio Rapuano IEEE Italy Section Treasurer

Local Organization Committee

Guido Ala, Pietro Romano, Fabio Viola, Salvatore Favuzza, Gaetano Zizzo, Elisa Francomano, Ciro Spataro, Valentina Cosentino, Graziella Giglia, Antonino Imburgia, Giuseppe Schettino, Dario Di Cara, Filippo Pellitteri, Massimo Caruso, Rossano Musca, Giuseppe Rizzo, Giovanni Cipriani, Riccardo Pernice, Patrizia Livreri, Rosario Miceli.


Pietro Romano, University of Palermo
Fabio Viola, University of Palermo


Antonio Virdis, University of Pisa


for awards: awards@melecon2020.org
for general info: secretariat@melecon2020.org